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Putnam County Indiana

Nestled in the hills of west central Indiana within an easy drive to Indianapolis is Putnam County. It offers some of the best values in real estate in all of Indiana.  Known for its nine covered bridges,  buzz bomb, orchids, herb farm, numerous lakes and parks as well as lush farms and historic landmarks, this county has grown to a population of over 35,000.


There is more than 500 square miles of land full of opportunity for home buyers. This county is becoming an ever increasing region of industry and opportunity and it’s proximity to the state’s largest city provides ample job opportunities and a flourishing arts district with plenty of excellent restaurants.

Real estate is reasonably priced and readily available in this thriving community.  Local politicians here promote creative solutions to retain and create jobs all over the county.  Numerous manufacturers from Dixie Chopper to Crown Industries help provide sustainable jobs. Trailer and clothing manufacturing to forestry and agriculture to scientific and technical services, this county has opportunities for all types of business.  And, plenty of commercial real estate.

Four school corporations, a University and community college all employ creative and caring professionals who want to raise families in a safe, forward-thinking community.

Educational institutions like Ivy Tech and DePauw University as well as the local high performing school corporations employ educators and support staff.  The school systems are award winning schools offering opportunities in honors academics, interaction with DePauw students and the opportunity for some high school students to take college-level classes at DPU.

Educators here are engaged in continuous learning, goal setting as well as with team building activities with students, parents and the local communities. Homes in this area are ones that every home buyer or real estate agent eagerly seeks.

Situated just 50 minutes west of Indianapolis and 45 minutes east of the state line the county has two major interstates leading to many urban centers in the Midwest. Additionally, the historic National Road (Highway 40) runs straight through the county connecting Indianapolis to Terre Haute and beyond. Home owners are always connected to big city advantages.

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These connectors make commuting to Indianapolis or Terre Haute an easy drive. Even beautiful Bloomington is only a 40 minute drive from this centrally located area.

Putnam County is named in honor of Israel Putnam, a hero in both the French and Indian War and in the American Revolution.  Created in April 1822 from areas of Owen and Vigo counties as well as parts of the Wabash New Purchase, this area has seen a number of historical figures pass through.

Abraham Lincoln was a visitor and Eli Lilly ( founder of the pharmaceutical business) had his first drugstore in Putnam County.  In April 1861 when President Lincoln called for volunteers, Lilly closed his drugstore and joined the Putnam County Rifles.  Lilly took part in several crucial campaigns during the civil war including Chicamauga, Thompson’s Cove, McMinnville and Farrington. He was promoted to Colonel in 1865 and was honorably discharged (after being a prisoner of war) shortly after Lee’s surrender in 1865.

Lilly recognized the value of small town real estate connections in business. Today Eli’s Bookstore which includes a Starbucks is a major meeting spot for students, community members and business folk in downtown Greencastle.

Daniel Boone, Joseph Smith and John Dillinger all have ties to this community.  In fact, John Dillinger’s largest haul in a bank robbery took place at the Central  National Bank in downtown Greencastle. He got away with $74,782.09on October 23, 1933.  Today, a state of the art jail and the location of an Indiana State Police Post keeps this community one of the safest in the state.

Mormon founder Joseph Smith’s Zion’s Camp passed through Greencastle on May 23, 1838.  The group camped just four miles from Greencastle on Big Walnut Creek. Had Smith’s group stayed in Putnam County they would have been some of the earliest religious leaders in the area.  Currently, the county has numerous churches of all sizes and faiths and a strong history of welcoming people from all walks of life into the community.

Frontiersman Daniel Boone’s sister Susan Boone Rissler is one of the county’s most famous gravesites. Boone’s sister lived in Putnam County in the early 1800’s.The Boone family recognized and purchased valuable real estate and prime farmland. Many Boone kinsmen came to Putnam County and stayed. Numerous other Boone relatives are found in the Boone Hutcheson Cemetery including another Daniel Boone, the grandson of Squire Boone who lived in the county in the 1800’s.

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Of course one of the most famous Putnam County residents, Pearl Bryan is buried in another historic cemetery. Bryan, a 22-year old pregnant Putnam County woman was found decapitated in Fort Thomas Kentucky in 1896.  Her murder was the sensation of the century.  Her body was identified by her shoes which came from a local shoe store in her hometown of Greencastle. Her original home still stands on the location of what once was and still is prime real estate in Putnam County.

If you happen to enjoy ghostly stories and events, you will find haunted bridges, houses and graveyards to explore in this diverse area. Many are attached to historic landmarks like the O’Hair house between Greencastle and Roachdale or the Edna Collings Covered Bridge near the community of Clinton Falls. Plenty of history goes along with all the scary stories.

For you sports aficionados, Hall of Fame Coach Pat Rady spent his last 11 seasons as Cloverdale High School’s basketball coach. When he retired he had 51 seasons and 761 wins.  County High School sports reigns supreme in Putnam County.  Every school offers homeowners and residents a great opportunity to participate in all sports venues.

Cloverdale has another Basketball Hall of Famer in the guise of Al Tucker.  Through 17 years at Cloverdale High School Tucker coached the Clovers to 256 victories, five 20-plus win seasons, seven sectional championships, one regional title and two Indiana All-Stars, who set records at Butler University and Indiana University.

Local communities offer plenty of opportunity for players of all sports and abilities with church and community leagues, great sports parks and even a racing venue.

If High School sports isn’t your thing, Putnam County is within an hours’ drive to downtown Indianapolis giving you easy access to the  Indianapolis Pacers or Colts games.  If football and basketball aren’t your game, there are a few minor league franchises available. The venerable Indianapolis Motor Speedway is host to the Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400 and other events. Downtown Indianapolis is less than an hour’s drive and the Speedway is even closer.

The cost of living is very attractive in Putnam County as it is below the US average(100) at 86.90. Groceries, transportation, homes and utility costs are all lower than average. Only healthcare is higher.  However, multiple health facilities are located within a 30 to 50 minute drive.

Home values have a wide price range from the mid $40,000 to more than million dollars. From new construction to old historic structures,  homes are available. Lots of affordable real estate can be found in every corner of Putnam County.

Local businesses and community leaders continue redeveloping the downtown areas of Greencastle, Cloverdale, Roachdale, Fillmore and Bainbridge establishing a hub of entrepreneurial activity.  Many aging infrastructures have been renovated and new businesses relocated to these growing towns. New technologies are helping to make this county safer and more connected to the bigger hubs of Indianapolis and Terre Haute.

In Putnam County you will find the second largest tillplain forest in the state, including several stands of old-growth timber.   These are all part of the Big Walnut Conservation Area. Along with these are easy access to nature preserves and state recreation areas like the Richard Lieber State Recreation area and Cataract State Park.   Many of these areas have affordable homes for sale in their vicinity.

Many additional special areas and businesses offer families and individuals a great opportunity for enjoyment. The O.W.L. Trail is a 60-acre outdoor witness laboratory trial with managed timber production and wildlife habitation.  It provides a view of real-life land management.

Hobbit Gardens is a unique farm located in Putnam County with a wide variety of herbs. An annual weekend festival is a must if you are a resident of this county. Homeowners in this area can find every type of herb they need for their own gardens.

Hilltop Orchids provides you with an opportunity to see orchids in bloom all year round.  Visitors are welcome to experience the unusual scents and different shapes of flowers grown in this giant greenhouse. When you buy a house in central or southern Putnam County this lovely place will practically be in your backyard.

Springtime would not be as delightful without a visit to Harris Sugar Bush where folks can tap into naturally sweet maple syrup, eat maple ice cream, cotton candy and maple sugar candies.

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English’s Buffalo Farm and gift shop offer Putnam County residents a glimpse of another life.  A herd of buffalo can be seen grazing in one of the many pastures and all products buffalo can be found in their gift shop.

Glenn Flint Lake was built for flood control and serves as a great recreation facility with fully stocked fish. There are available homes in this area at reasonable rates.

The DePauw Nature Park is one of the best nature parks in Indiana with over 9 miles of well-maintained trails with modern facilities.  The University offers a naturalist program that is professionally run.  Numerous events are open to local residents.

Putnam County currently has the longest segment of the National Road Heritage Trail, an initiative to develop 150 mile continuous cross state multi-use trail. Part of the People Pathways, these trails include walks and bike rides through prime real estate, pristine nature and great neighborhoods.

Putnam County is a thriving community offering valuable real estate.  With it’s reasonable property prices this quaint and charming area is a place to call home. If you are looking for a highly livable home with easy access to big city amenities Putnam County is right for you.