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Heritage Lake Homes

Heritage Lake Homes are hidden gems

There is a hidden gem in Northeast Putnam County in the guise of Heritage Lake homes.  Located just 22 miles west of Indianapolis and a mile south of US 36 in Putnam County, this beautiful 318 acre lake is known for great fishing, boating and swimming.

If you are looking for a new Heritage Lake home-  there’s something for everyone. From prime luxury homes to simple cabins, this rural area has over 1,000 homes on the lake or nearby.  There are several club houses, tennis and basketball courts, beach volleyball, three sandy beaches, a marina and a swimming pool.

An active Property Owners Association offers organized activities all year for children and adults alike.  There is a 4th of July fireworks, annual Feast N Ski in August, Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, lakeside concerts, wine tasting and plenty of parties, clubs and activities.

Nearly 50 years ago an investment company built a dam and developed the lake with the intent of selling lots and building home. They were planning on having a number of new homes built and sold in time for the Bicentennial in 1976.  At that time it was too far for many people to drive out from the city and lots remained unsold. These were, of course, the days before internet access and work from home jobs.

Unfortunately, that company fell on hard times before the project was finished. Another company stepped in and continued the project. Today over 1,000 homes have been built in the area on and around the lake. Many owners of  Heritage Lake homes use the area’s state of the art internet to work from home and avoid driving into Indianapolis.

Although Heritage Lake homes are located in the country they are close to several small towns and within 20 minutes of downtown Indianapolis. Nearby Fillmore, Coatesville and Danville are all towns that were founded between the 1820’s and 1840’s.  Built on prime real estate that included pristine forests of oak, elm, beech, white and yellow poplar, maple, walnut, ash, beech and mulberry trees.  Underneath the hilly terrain was rich soil great for agricultural ventures.  Prime real estate for homes or business.  

The largest of these towns is Danville, founded in 1824 and incorporated as a town in 1835.  It is the country seat of Hendricks County. Danville with a population of 9,001 is a stunning example of Neoclassical architecture.  The courthouse is built entirely out of Indiana limestone.

A favorite culinary spot in the town is the famous Mayberry Cafe.  Located on the old time square that surrounds the courthouse, it features home cooked meals, an authentic Mayberry Squad Car parked out in front and all the trivia you want about Andy Griffith and Mayberry.  A variety of historic homes line the Main Street and many date back to the late 1800s.  The median home price in Danville is $174,900.

Plenty of shopping, great restaurants and good medical care can all be found in Danville.  Knowing this town and all its amenities close by makes country living in a Heritage Lake home even more appealing.

A much smaller town is located several miles from the southside of the lake.  Fillmore has less than 600 people residing there and about 200 households.  Originally named Nicholsonville the first post office opened in 1849.  The town was renamed to Fillmore in 1861.

In the early years, Fillmore was recognized as having many open wells dug around town that furnished drinking and wash waters for families.  These were known as “witched“ wells. Men who were considered to have special powers using a forked stick cut from a witch hazel bush or peach tree were used to divine water sources.

This was done by putting a fork in each hand with his palms turned up and the end of the fork pointing straight up and searching for a water source.  If the fork turned in the carrier’s hands a stake was used to mark the well.  Diggers would come with spades, buckets, a rope and windlass and the well would be dug.

Fillmore is currently the home of Dixie Chopper Mowers and has a unique daylily farm and the locally famous Bert & Betty’s Kitchen.  The People,s Pathway trail route comes through Fillmore and is a popular walking and biking route for locals. It’s a great piece of real estate.

A few miles east of Fillmore is the small town of Coatesville.  Most Heritage Lake homes will have a Coatesville address.  Officially in Hendricks County, this little village has been around since the mid 1800’s. It began growing after the Pennsylvania Railroad was completed in the 1850’s.

Settled mostly by pioneers from North Carolina, the town became official in the early 1860s. The town’s name came from an early settler called Henry Coates.  He donated land to create a town site and locals named the town after him in return.  Coatesville has also been known as West Milton and had the nickname of Chizzletown.

Today Coatesville has a bank and post office, gas station, grain elevator, city hall and convenience store.  It’s a far cry from all the businesses located in this tiny town in it’s heyday.  Plenty of commercial real estate was available in the early days and there was a two-story wooden mill near where the present grain elevator sits,  There was a sawmill and log yard, tile works, bakery, brick maker and flour mill. There was also a harness shop, mortuary, nursery and buggy maker.

Early residents had a big general store and another store that handled groceries, shoes and a line of dress goods. And, of course there was a blacksmith.  At one time there were four doctors in the town, a Carnegie library and creamery.  Later on a drug store and barber shop were present. Two saloons and pool room rounded out the commercial enterprises.

Heritage Lake Homes enjoy this lake!

Heritage Lake Homes enjoy this lake!

Coatesville today is much quieter and smaller than it was in its heyday.  Heritage Lake is not as quiet and certainly not as small as Coatesville.  This small piece of waterfront real estate offers something for almost every budget. On the main body of the lake prime lots are the most expensive, while homes on the ends of the cove are less but still offer the ability to have a dock for your boat.

It’s quiet, peaceful and lovely.  You’ll enjoy ducks, geese, deer birds and all kinds of nature that abounds. The water level of the lake remains the same year round.  Lots are usually less than ½ acre in size.  Generally speaking, lake access properties range from $90,000 upwards with the average sell price around $123,000. Lakefront properties range from $140,000 to over $1 million. The average price of lakefront property is $196,000.

Many off water homeowners keep boats at the marina or own lots for lake use.  Many even keep campers at the private campground.  Concerts with live bands, fish fries and special events are all held at the campground.

There are six subdivisions at Heritage Lake.  All have patriotic names like Gettysburg and Jefferson Valley.  Only members and their guests are allowed to fish in the lakes and ponds in the development.  A lake committee tests the fish population and stocks several species including walleye, bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass and catfish  Ice fishing is even available during the winter months.

Heritage Lake homes are ideal for water skiing, tubing, sailing, fishing and sunset cruises in your boat.

Having a Heritage Lake home is ideal for water skiing, tubing, sailing, fishing and sunset cruises in your boat.  It’s location makes it a perfect summer spot for Indianapolis residents and the surrounding counties.  This area offers the perfect lakeside real estate located only 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis.  Lakefront property provides homeowners with a number of ways to relax and unwind after a stressful day and all kinds of options for purchasing a permanent or summer home.