The Focused REALTOR

A focused REALTOR means keeping the customer in mind for every business decision.

To say less is more might seem like a contradiction in terms but when you are a focused REALTOR like Vincent Aguirre it means less is more effective.  Concentrating on fewer clients means more time to focus on providing higher quality service to them.  

In March 2017 when Vince Aguirre became a REALTOR and joined the Prime Realty Group in Greencastle, he became a full-service real estate agent specializing in Greencastle and Putnam County properties.  He is determined to be the focused REALTOR, listening to his client’s needs and meeting those needs in the best professional manner possible.

He decided early on that having fewer clients gave him the opportunity to prioritize his customer’s needs and find them the perfect piece of real estate.  By being the focused REALTOR he could offer optimal effectiveness.

The Focused REALTOR Business Card And Contact Info

The Focused REALTOR Business Card And Contact Info

A focused REALTOR means keeping the customer in mind for every business decision.  It’s about truly getting inside the client’s mind and finding out what they expect.  Whether his services are offered in person, via email, on the phone or in person, Vince is determined to identify needs that they might not have even considered.  He is also able to anticipate possible future needs for his customers.

Great customer service is about two things, knowledge and authenticity.  A focused REALTOR steers his clients through any hiccups in the process and leaves the client feeling the whole process was as easy as possible.

Bringing overwhelming value to a few customers rather than stretching himself between a large base is what a focused REALTOR does.  As an entrepreneur, Vince learned early on not to stretch himself too thin.  Fewer customers mean greater value.

A focused REALTOR has passion.

It also allows Vince to be more involved with the community.  He is a board member of the Greencastle/Putnam County Economic Development Center.  As such he helps to encourage investments to help the county’s economic growth.  More community growth makes the area a more viable and pleasant place to live.

A focused REALTOR has passion. Vince is a warrior of email, text, phone and social media.  He adapts his style to his client. He has learned to mirror their communication style to make his clients feel more comfortable.  He makes sure he has an internet connection wherever he is.  It can be a smartphone, iPad or computer. A focused REALTOR is in touch with his customers.

The Focused REALTOR ReviewVince has a great network of people in the community.  He knows the best contractors, appraisers, lenders and insurance, providers. A focused REALTOR like Vince knows he needs to be the hub of a group of professionals who can advise and assist with anything real estate or home related.

A focused REALTOR makes sure his clients know how important they are to him by intimately knowing the neighborhoods in this area.  He is a walking, talking encyclopedia of neighborhood lore.  He makes sure he knows what’s on the market, what has sold recently and the overall status of the neighborhood. With a smaller customer base, he can commit more time to knowing the areas in which his clients are interested.

Are you looking to sell your home?  A focused REALTOR like Vince knows what’s on the market, what just sold and what your home is worth. He will explain the process, potential roadblocks and any scenarios that could occur.  If negotiating is going on, a focused REALTOR will keep in regular communication and adjust his strategy as needed.

One of the most sought-after qualities that clients look for in a focused REALTOR is honesty.  Keeping a policy of transparency with clients bring them closer to the end goal.  Customers want to know where they stand at all times.  Listening to them and asking the right questions allows a focused REALTOR to find or sell their home or business faster and for the best price.

A Focused REALTOR at a closing

A Focused REALTOR at a closing

As a member of Prime Realty, Putnam County’s independently-owned and operated boutique real estate brokerage, Vince serves buyers and sellers across central Indiana.  By focusing on fewer customers, Vince offers top-notch customer service and proven marketing strategies to his clients.

In addition to working as a real estate agent, Vince is also the founder and president of Distinct Web Design.  Since it’s founding in 2015, his company has become the largest locally owned hosting and web design company in the county.  He uses his technical skills to help his real estate clients promote the homes they are selling.  He also uses these skills to help his customers find the perfect home.

As a focused REALTOR, Vince is happy to show you the perks of living in Putnam County including the covered bridges, historic districts, biking and walking trails, a revitalized downtown and his alma mater, DePauw University.

 If negotiating is going on, a focused REALTOR will keep in regular communication and adjust his strategy as needed.

Vince is also active on several boards and committees in Putnam County. A focused REALTOR is active in his community.  He understands that serving on boards such as the Greencastle Advisory Board of the Indiana Small Business Development Commission he helps provide advice, guidance and support to small businesses in the state.  It also helps him as an REALTOR to know what is going on in the community. New businesses that are entering the area and where they will be located.  These are all things a focused REALTOR knows.

If you are looking for a focused real estate REALTOR, a wonderful new home or business or any information about the Greencastle and Putnam County area contact Vince Aguirre.  He knows how important find a home is and he understands finding the right place for you to put down roots is the most important service he can provide.