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Love the outdoor life? Is fishing, hiking, boating or horseback riding your thing? You need to buy a home in bucolic Cloverdale This pastoral town is nestled between Indianapolis and Terre Haute in a county that has everything from covered bridges, lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, horse arenas, state recreational areas to quaint restaurants. It’s an ideal area for families and singles who love having access to outdoor activities.

Located right off Interstate 70 and on State Highway 231, the town of Cloverdale is a mere 3.52 square miles in area. The median age is 42 and the population is under 2,200.The average income for a family is $42,917.

From cozy cabins located in and around Cataract Falls and nearby Lieber State Recreation area to apartments and larger homes, the Cloverdale area offers great real estate listings.

Named for the abundance of clover found in the area as well as the beautiful dales, the area is also covered in dense timber including white and yellow poplar, maple, walnut, oak, ash, elm, gum, beech and mulberry trees. Underneath the hilly terrain is rich soil great for agricultural ventures. A high quality of limestone perfect for building and manufacturing can be found all over the area as well. It’s prime real estate for commercial development. Mill Creek and Doe Creek cross the land and provide plenty of irrigation.

Vincent M. Aguirre - Cloverdale Indiana IN Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

Vincent M. Aguirre – Cloverdale Indiana IN Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

It was the sight of the dense forest and hilly terrain complemented by the fields of clover that lured the first settlers to the area. William Hamilton and James Robinson were the came from Kentucky. The men bought land and built cabins. Nine more settlers followed that same year and picked some prime real estate to build their homes and businesses. Over the next few years, numerous families arrived in Cloverdale and the town continued to grow.

And, plenty of great commercial real estate was ripe for picking. A sawmill was soon built, followed by a general store, tavern and blacksmith. In 1836 the first post office was established and has been in continuous operation since that date.

The small community of Cataract is located near the upper falls of Mill Creek. At the peak of its growth, it was a bustling town, marketing lumber in Greencastle and flour as far away as Louisville.

Located a mere 12 miles from downtown Cloverdale is Cataract Falls State Recreation area. Today the park offers picnic areas, a great view of the falls and the opportunity to dine on a historic covered bridge that spans Mill Creek. An interesting side fact is that these falls resulted from two pre-glacial bedrock ridges buried beneath ancient lake sediments from the Illinoian glacial period.

Today this whole area is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise offering boating, fishing, hiking, camping and swimming in the area. Plenty of great real estate properties are available to savvy buyers at reasonable prices. The median real estate property taxes paid for housing units in this area is about $518 a year.

Isaac Teal was the first permanent resident in Cataract Falls. He built the first mill in 1820. Wildlife was plentiful. Years later Theodore Jennings and his mother rode horseback from Louisville to Greencastle to visit family. Jennings heard the roar of the falls and like the sound. He bought a 1,000 acres including the falls. Quite a piece of real estate and a terrific location for a new home.


He came back to the area with his family and built a saw mill, flour and woolen mill, a general store and copper and blacksmith shop. When the saw mills played out and the grist mills declined, the town slipped into a sleepy hamlet. Summer homes dot the countryside and the little community of Cataract still retains its homey village atmosphere.

In 1883, John Steiner and David Wallace purchased Cataract Falls and much of the adjoining acreage. This scenic spot is a mere 12 miles south of downtown Cloverdale. John Steiner was a wealthy railroad man and horse racing fan. He built a half-mile track that drew horse racing fans from all over the country.

Today the C Bar C Expo continues the tradition of horses in Putnam County. C Bar C is quickly becoming Indiana’s number one choice for equine and livestock shows. Owned by Carl and Cindy Harlan, the business is known for its friendly staff, great homemade food and clean facility. In 2015 the C Bar C hosted their first National Tractor Pullers Association Winter Nationals. This facility is home to the world’s largest indoor track. This and many other events pull a large number of visitors into the area where plenty of home are available for sale.

Steiner’s daughter Agnes Stuckey opened a resort near the falls which operated from 1916 to 1967. In 1952 she donated the upper falls and 37 acres on both sides of Mill Creek to the State of Indiana as a memorial to her mother. She maintained a 15 year

lease with the state before closing her resort. In the 1950’s the State formed a giant flood control program and 329 acres in the lower falls area was purchased by the State of Indiana and Cagles Mill Lake was created.

One can’t talk about Cataract Falls without mentioning Cagles Mill Lake and the Richard Lieber State Recreation area. Cloverdale is the gateway to these lush outdoor areas. Cagel’s Mill Lake was built in 1952 as Indiana’s first flood control reservoir protecting the Eel and White River watersheds. The area around the falls is dotted with lovely homes. Many are available for sale by contacting a local real estate broker.

Lieber State Recreation area which is just a little further down the road from Cataract Falls has a state of the art Aquatic Center that includes a tornado water slide. There are also shelters, volleyball courts and playgrounds. Boating and camping are key activities in this park. If you buy a home in Cloverdale these great parks are in your backyard.

Vincent M. Aguirre - Cloverdale Indiana IN Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

Vincent M. Aguirre – Cloverdale Indiana IN Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

If outdoor activities are not for you, don’t despair there is plenty to do indoors in this community. Situated just one county west of the Indianapolis, two counties east of the state line the city is threaded by Interstate and federal arteries leading to many other urban centers in the Midwest. Cloverdale is a great place to look for picturesque homes, scenic farms and great values in real estate. It also offers easy access to big city life in less than an hour’s drive.

The town is located close to spectator sports. Homeowners in the Cloverdale area are within an hours’ drive to get to an Indianapolis Pacers or Colts game. If football and basketball aren’t your game, there are a few minor league franchises available. The venerable Indianapolis Motor Speedway is host to the Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400 and other events. Downtown Indianapolis is less than an hour’s drive and the Speedway is even closer.

Cloverdale Civic groups provide lots of free activities and events including a Christmas parade that rivals any Macy Day Parade. Local businesses join in to make it a class event with something for every member of the community. The local Farmer’s Market provides an array of products from homegrown veggies and fruit to arts and crafts.

The school system is an award winning corporation offering opportunities in honors academics Although the schools are small, Cloverdale staff members engage in team building activities to provide continuous learning for their pupils. This city offers an outstanding education to every Cloverdale student. Cloverdale schools keep their eye on the future while educating students in a small but outstanding school system. Pride

is reflected through students and alumni in this community. It’s something that every home buyer or real estate agent eagerly seeks.

Cloverdale’s climate is perfect for lots of outdoor activities. Summers are warm and humid but without a dry season and little extreme heat. Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year and winters are cold and variable with intermittent rain and snow. Snowfalls of 3 inches or more occur an average of two to three times each winter. The first freeze is usually in mid to late October. The last is generally in late April. This climate helps provide great real estate for farms and orchards.

Whether you are searching for a big home or small cozy house, a number of real estate brokers are available to help you. When those early settlers first set eyes on the dense forests, rolling meadows with meandering creeks and rivers and tree-filled ravines, they could not have imagined what a thriving and highly livable community they would be founding.

Today, valuable real estate and reasonable prices make this easily accessible town a place to call home. A spot where you can watch a horse show, fish in a lake, attend a festival, walk in the woods or cruise a lake in your own boat, Cloverdale is the place to buy a home.